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Friday, April 04, 2008

The BSU catches her first fish!

This is exciting stuff folks! A few weeks back, I suggested that maybe the spouse would like to get out and go fishing with me once and a while. To my complete surprise, she called my bluff and said she would! So just a few days back, we made a trip to Sportsmans Warehouse and she picked out her first rod and reel and then bought her very first fishing license.

And Thursday afternoon, we went fishing! There's a small pond in town that used to be private property but was turned over to the city a couple years back. Its been improved somewhat recently and its already been stocked with trout this spring since the ice melted. But its close and easy to access and we just had a little while, so we went fishing. Here's the result!

That's a rainbow trout that she caught and that we put back unharmed. She caught it on an earthworm- that I of course had to put on the hook, and under a float. Except for the squirmy worm, the she really seemed to like the outing. It was fun and I'm looking forward to our next fishing trip!

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